Ms. Brooks was diagnosed wheat intolerant in 2006. Since then, she has strived to assist others with adjusting to a gluten-free and wheat-free lifestyle through her Gluten-Free Gusto blog as well as writing for and She has taught Learning to Live Gluten-Free for the Community Colleges of Spokane, and Introduction to Gluten-Free Living monthly at Cole’s Bakery and Cafe in North Spokane. She is currently slated to teach at the 2019 Crave! NW event, the Inland Northwest’s premier food and drink celebration, and the largest culinary event in the Spokane area.


Introduction to Gluten-Free Living – This 45-minute course provides students with information about Celiac Disease as well as the following:

1. Identify foods with hidden gluten.
2. Show that gluten-free living isn’t that difficult
3. Shopping gluten-free with confidence
4. Learn about non-food products that are glutenous

Learning to Live Gluten-Free – A two-hour course covering the information in Introduction to Gluten-Free Living, and also includes:

1. Methods for successful gluten-free travel
2. Pop-quizzes on foods with or without gluten
3. How to deal with events that are not gluten-free
4. Dining out and entertaining gluten-free

K. S. Brooks teaching at Community Colleges of Spokane

To book Ms. Brooks for your next conference, event, or class, please contact [email protected].