A Note from the Author

K. S. Brooks & Mr. PishWriting has always been my love. I wrote my first piece of fiction in Kindergarten, and my first screenplay at the age of fifteen. Recently I discovered some picture books I made when I was five. You can see those here. I enjoy writing about a myriad of topics, although it was originally my goal to be solely an action-adventure novelist. I never, in my wildest dreams, expected to be writing children’s books – and loving it. My first novel was published in 2001, my first children’s book in 2009.

My other addiction is photography. With a talented artist for a mother, and a quite accomplished American Impressionist painter, Stokely Webster, for a grandfather, I realized my chances to stack up to them as an artist were pretty much screwed. I could never make anything look exactly as I saw it. Yet somehow, with a camera, I am able to capture subjects in ways that other people tell me are unique. I sold my first photographic print when I was thirteen.

Of course, neither one of those two vocations pays the bills. In the interim, I’ve worked for high-tech manufacturing firms, internet companies, and most recently, my own consulting firm. I consider myself extremely lucky that I am now able to write full-time. Between 2009 and 2013, I produced fifteen new titles.

When I haven’t been working diligently on my writing, and for others, I have had the pleasure of photographing the rock bands AbstraXt, Meat Helicopter, Absolutely Spent, and DoubleLight, working out with actor and martial artist Jeff Speakman, having coffee with bestselling author Warren Murphy, being molested by the Washington Post News Hound, flying Southwest with drummer extraordinaire Dennis Chambers, and hanging out with a wide array of wonderful writers and readers at various literary events throughout the East Coast. Since relocating to Washington State in 2008 to concentrate on my writing, I’ve been blessed to share my time in this glorious wilderness with the wonderful Mr. Pish; together we’ve created ten children’s titles promoting outdoor learning and literacy. And there are more to come.

Starting in March of 2016, I planned on taking two years down in Phoenix, Arizona to research some novels and children’s books. The call of Washington State’s wilderness was too strong, though, and I cut that short by one year. Since my return, I set into motion my plot to completely dominate the news media in Stevens County, and have already (as of August 2018) managed to weasel my way into three of the four newspapers in this area. I am currently performing photojournalistic duties for The Chewelah Independent, the Silverado Express, and the Colville Statesman-Examiner. The Loon Lake Times should be very concerned. Interestingly, as of February 2019, I am now also working for the Loon Lake Times. Bwa ha ha – my goals for world domination through the news media are coming to fruition, one county at a time.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to drop me a line through the contact page, or catch up with me via social networking.