Authors’ Snarkopaedia

IU Authors' SnarkopaediaIn Volume One of the Authors’ Snarkopaedia, sentences have been painstakingly crafted together using nouns, verbs and other words, bringing you paragraphs of text. These paragraphs flow into pages of expert tips, advice and insight for authors at all levels of the publication food chain. Any book can claim to offer this type of information, but they can’t give you what sets the Indies Unlimited Authors’ Snarkopaedia above the rest: the “je ne sais squat” of the high decorated staff of the Snarkology Department at the Indies Unlimited Online Academy. Their groundbreaking and empirical research over the years sheds new and snarkified light on subjects ranging from book publishing and marketing to the nuts and bolts of writing and technology. If you like information to grab you by the throat and smack you in the face, the Indies Unlimited Authors’ Snarkopaedia is the reference book for you.

“I found myself reading it end to end and laughing even more than I had when each article was first posted. The snark seemed to feed upon itself and grow as the book went on.” – an reviewer.

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